Take on toll roads with confidence

Don't attempt. Always follow vehicle driver and passenger safety regulations and guidelines.

Meet Uproad

The app that replaces outdated, traditional toll payment accounts and transponders. Pay toll road charges, get price alerts as you drive pass toll points, and plan your route with trip cost estimates. All so you can get where you’re going without a bump in the road.

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Set up and go with our toll roads app

Quickly set up your toll payment account. Add your vehicle, set your toll road payment method, and be on the road to paying tolls by the next morning. It’s as simple as that. (Really.)

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A modern toll payment app

Say goodbye to your toll tag or transponder and hello to a clear windshield. Easily pay tolls, track your toll roads usage, and plan travel expenses with Uproad.

No more:

There are over 5,000 miles of toll roads in the United States. We’re here with a new type of toll payment account to make each one a little easier to navigate. Know where you’re going and exactly how much it’ll cost to get there with the help of Uproad. From our Trip Calculator to managing payments, we've got you covered!

How it Works


Gone are the days of waiting weeks for a toll transponder. With Uproad's toll roads app, you can be on the road the morning after account setup.


Skip the cash lane, opt for the fast lane. Get where you’re going without a single bump in the road. (Disclaimer: we can’t control pot holes.)


With the toll calculator, estimate toll costs and track with total clarity how much you’re spending on the road, all from your phone.


Pay on-the-go to avoid toll violation fines and notices in the mail. And if for some reason you do get a bill, we'll work directly with the tolling agency to resolve the issue.

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Experience open road freedom with the Uproad app. With toll road account payment coverage being added state-by-state, you'll soon move across the U.S. with total tolling clarity.

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Ready to put Uproad to the test?

We thought you might be. Download the app today and get your happy dance ready, stress-free toll payment awaits!

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